Monday, July 20, 2009

upcoming travel

Leaving on a jet plane...we're off tomorrow for a week in Alabama with my family!!


I bought a piano last Saturday. I was out at garage sales with some friends from work and one of them was offering a piano. I tried it out- all the keys worked, the pedals worked, it looked nice, the bench was stable- so I asked how much they were asking for it. They said, "$200." I said, "I'll take it." Mr. Brown rented a U-haul and a furniture dolly and we rounded up three heroes to help, and now we have a piano in the living room. Our days of rearranging the furniture are over. But the days of piano music are just starting!

20 July 2009

Mr. Brown was tightening up a doorknob and Nut Brown wandered into the corner that the half-open door was making with the wall, stood facing the wall and said, "waaaah. waaaah." Aha, said Mr. Brown, are you in timeout? and Nut Brown turned around with an affirmative grin on his face.


Rose Pink, when she changes her mind about what she just said, will ask us to "blow those words back in my mouth". And when we do, she swallows them, and we are to pretend that they were never said. She came up with this all on her own. Yesterday, I blew some back at her request, and she swallowed them and said, "hmm, tastes okay!"


Last night they had difficulties staying in bed once put there. Finally, after a stern lecture, they remained in their room. At 8:45 (more than an hour after the initial good night) I went up to go to the bathroom and they were still talking together. Mr. Brown and I went up to bed at 9:15 and when I went to check on them they were both in Rose Pink's bed, cuddled up together at the head. They were also sleepy but not asleep, and Nut Brown consented to be moved back to his own bed as Rose Pink said she was having trouble going to sleep because of him. It is so sweet to me to see my children being friendly with each other.

duct tape

Rose Pink and I spent 45 minutes yesterday on the back porch wrapping duct tape around a four-foot long stick. I think originally we were making a sword, but partway into it she decided that we were bandaging up a wounded person, and she said sympathetically to the stick, "How did you hurt yourself so badly? Oh, you fell out of a tree?"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 July 2009

We put Rose Pink and Nut Brown both down for naps on Saturday afternoon. Things did not get quiet, however, and when we looked in, they were sitting next to each other on Nut Brown's bed, reading a book together.

Monday, July 13, 2009

peek a boo

Who's that hiding behind our couch? Two munchkins in their own little hideout.

13 July 2009

So Rose Pink and Nut Brown are taking/being given a bath two nights ago, and Mr. Brown comes up to check on us. Rose Pink pops up with a cup full of soapy bath water and says, "Hi Daddy! I'm a mermaid. Want a beer?"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

9 July 2009

Mr. Brown bought the kids new toothbrushes. They have LEDs in them that blink when you push the handles. For two minutes, so that their little teeth will receive the proper amount of polishing. They love them.

7 July 2009

Nut Brown has started to self-identify when his name is used. So when Rose Pink prays, "Please bless Mommy and Daddy and Nut Brown...", he pipes up and says, "Mak!" and points to himself. When we're planning an outing, he's learned how to be included. I'll say, "Let's go to the park. Daddy and Rose Pink..." and Nut Brown will shout, "And me! And me!"


Yesterday Rose Pink read us the first thirty pages of Dick & Jane. Really reading, what Spencer calls 'whole word recognition'. She'd look at the page and say, "See Jane., Look, look, look..." as she recognized that 'look' was not 'see'.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

fun with the ball...

So Mr. Brown has this ball to do exercises for his back. Aunt Amri showed us the fun side of it, and it has led to some general hijinks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1 July

Nut Brown, when he wants to brush his teeth, climbs up on to the bathroom counter and sits in the sink. He has learned the sign for 'please' and lately has begun to say 'peas' along with signing. He altered the sign for 'thank you' so that for him, it's putting his index finger on the corner of his mouth, and he 'says' thank you often without being reminded. So cute. And he made up his own sign for 'sorry' (brushing his fingers across his cheek) so now when we tell him, 'say you're sorry', he can.

We found a riding toy for him at a garage sale, a plastic horse on wheels that he scoots around on. He calls it his "naaaaay" and if you make horse sounds while he's riding it he pulls back on the handles so it rears a couple inches off the ground. The Wyoming postcard Grandpa sent recently with a herd of horses on it was extremely well-received.