Monday, September 28, 2009

28 September 2009

Mr. Brown and Rose Pink had an outdoor sketching session the other day and she produced this: a drawing of our neighbor's scooter and a sketch of the line of garages behind our house. More about dinosaurs, to include Dinosaurus Rex, next time. Watch this space.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

27 September 2009

Today in Primary they talked about General Conference upcoming and that the prophet was going to speak to us. What did we think he would talk about? And each child was given a piece of paper to draw/write what he thought the prophet would discuss. Rose Pink turned to me and said, "I hope he talks about whirlpools. I want to learn about whirlpools that swallow ships!" and then she drew a lovely picture of whirlpools with ships going round and round in them.
You can see the row of windows drawn in the ship at the top center of the page. Also there is a "girl with long hair" on the right side of the paper.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Nut Brown has this darling habit of pretending to be a lion. He crooks his fingers into claws and says, "RAAAHHR!" as loud as he can, which is not very loud, and chases us around while we run screaming. It is so funny!!

Yesterday I reminded Rose Pink to do her chore of putting away the silverware from the dishwasher. I had taken the silverware holder out and put it on the counter by the drawer for her. She sighed and came over. I was putting away other dishes. The next thing I hear is, "Captain! Captain! Stop the ship. This is our home and we going to scuba dive down to it! No, no, you mustn't go! Oh, but captain, you can come with us! You can scuba dive, too! No, I mustn't! I must stay with the ship! But it's your home! Captain! Come scuba dive with us!" and the forks and knives and spoons all scuba dived themselves into the drawer and away, and she handed me the holder and said, "Mom, will you put this back in the dishwasher for me?"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Want to know a secret? I love blue cheese. Mr. Brown marvels at this. I tell him, but it's so creamy, I love the texture! He says, camembert is also creamy but it doesn't come with the kick in the teeth flavor. I say, I like the kick in the teeth. I know this makes me a bit weird. Some friends of ours shared some cheese with us this week- a mild cheddar, a chunk of Provolone, some Dutch cheese (not Edam), a hunk of Gruyere, some feta and a blue cheese. I think the blue was the reason they gave us the batch- it was calling out to me (and no one else). Yum. I love blue cheese.

I went to get some crackers to eat it with and when I came back, Mr. Brown said, I can tell that you are serious about your cheese.

Oh? I said.

Yes, he said, I can tell because you got flavorless crackers to eat with it.

I said, If you're going to eat cheese, why would you want every bite to taste like garlic? Or sesame? Or rosemary? I want to taste the cheese!

He said, That's my point exactly.

Besides the blue and the feta, the rest of the cheese was pretty forgettable, so I made a quiche with the Gruyere. That was certainly the right choice for that cheese! It was fabulously flavorful with the eggs and cream and bacon. I ate three pieces for dinner and two for lunch the next day. I think everybody else only got one piece.


Rose Pink filled out a four generations chart (with help) at church the other day. Then she carefully marked an x in all the boxes and told me proudly, I voted!


I have really been enjoying the round eyed people that spring forth from Rose Pink's pen.
Here is some handwriting on a post-it. She was helping make a to do list. You can see "shoes" in the middle- we were getting ready to go somewhere.

Mr. Brown has read a couple books on homeschooling as we're exploring it a bit more. He discovered that in general he favors the philosophies of unschooling and unit study and maybe Charlotte Mason, all of which are tend towards unstructured. He did decide that he's going to pursue more learning with Rose Pink this fall, mostly in the way of lots of reading and more science movies, since she loves movies, and also the encouragement to ask and answer questions. He has always been really good at attending to and answering questions she asks. Yesterday they called me up to ask how elephants sleep. (Standing up.) He does tend to complicate answers sometimes. Yesterday she asked how elephants hear, and he responded, "Do you know how waves work?" She just looked at him, and he said, "Elephants hear with their ears." Her face cleared. Of course. With their ears.

They've been reading books about volcanoes lately, and yesterday at dinner Rose Pink took a drink of milk and said, All the bumps on my tongue- that's the village. And the milk is the lava. She picked up her glass and said, Aaaaah! Look out! Run! and then took another drink of milk.

16 Sept 2009

Our Primary had a talent show last Saturday and Rose Pink decided to do a scarf dance for her turn in the spotlight. She chose The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" for accompaniment. She was third on the program initially but the first two little boys bailed (ran from the room) so she ended up being first. It was held on the stage in the cultural hall, and when she first came out she just stood there, but I mimed dancing for her from where I was standing and she remembered why she was there and went after it, jumping and twirling and swirling her scarf around. (Thank you to Gia for the scarf!) She was fantastic!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 Sep 2009

More and more words from Max. Yesterday he shouted, "Watch!" and we turned around to see him take a flying leap off the piano bench.

Rose Pink, incidentally, has discovered a word that she can't say! It's "fuel". She was trying to tell me that she was going to school to learn about rockets, and that rockets need fuel, but she kept saying "flew... flew... flull..." and then she started laughing because she couldn't figure it out! We practiced a few times- few + ull- but she couldn't put them back together. Finally we just giggled and moved on.

11 Sept 2009

Kidney stones are back...Mr. Brown went in for surgery on Friday to get them removed. They slid in a tiny little grinder thing up his urinary tract and buzzed them to pieces. Also put in a stent to hold the tract open while it's healing to prevent urinary backup and potential infection. It means that he has to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. It was major surgery- he was completely anesthetized so I had to drive him to and pick him up from the outpatient place that did it. He was feeling pretty cruddy all weekend.

It's yearend so things are pretty frantic at work- we were helped on Friday by the other moms in our complex who watched the kids all day so I could go back to work. And then they made us dinner, too!! What a blessing. Fortunately Mr. Brown had all weekend to really recover before I had to go back to work all day yesterday. He is trying to go slow but is able to watch the kids all day. If it wasn't year end, I would just take some time off, but it's September, so I can't. He is being so patient and understanding with my inability to be home right now.

He has an appointment this Friday to get the stent removed, so his planned trip to Oklahoma/Texas has been postponed until we see how well/poorly that goes. He's a little anxious about how he'll feel afterward- right now whenever the stent gets jostled it causes a great deal of pain, but apparently for the removal they're not planning any sort of anesthetic. Maybe he'll be more healed up by then.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So I almost ran out of gas driving home from work last week because, for the first time in my life, I am solely responsible for the level of gas in the car's tank. I've never had my own car before! Mr. Brown has always taken care of these things! I don't know what I'll do when I have to get the oil changed!


Just returned from a lovely weekend away in Iowa City. We had been contemplating a weekend in Chicago over Labor Day but then Mr. Brown had a kidney stone (or stones) so we didn't want to go too far away in case he wasn't as much better as he thought he was.

Rose Pink told us that we were fulfilling all her dreams by staying in a hotel with a pool. We actually had a bit of trouble finding a place to stay because it was the opening weekend of football season and Iowa City was full of Hawkeyes fans, but eventually we found somewhere with open rooms and a pool. And a free breakfast. Saturday we had a picnic lunch with our friends the Lees, who are departing Davenport this morning and played around with them in the park for awhile, then drove out to Iowa City. After we checked in, we headed to the movie theater, which is part of an enormous nearby mall. Mr. Brown and Rose Pink were dying to see Ponyo, the new Miyazaki film. All four of us went to see it, and all but one of us enjoyed every minute. Nut Brown watched it for almost an hour and then got up and wandered around the theater. He was very good, though. And we all enjoyed it very, very much. After the movie we went back to the hotel and the kids had a snack dinner (leftover pancakes, tortilla chips, goldfish, apple slices) while Mr. Brown went to get dinner for the rest of us. Then they had baths and we tucked them in, and Mr. Brown and I ate in the hall while they went to sleep.

Sunday morning Mr. Brown enjoyed the exercise facilities at the hotel while the kids and I had breakfast and got ready for church. We were late and had to sneak in and sit in the back. Happily, this meant that we ran into Mr. Brown's old friend Nick and his wife! They were visiting from California that Sunday and were also sitting in the back! It was so completely random- that they ended up picking the same ward, and then we were late- if we hadn't been late we'd have sat up front and not have seen them at all. What a happy coincidence.

After church we went swimming and then went over to Hugh and Jessica's for a visit. We walked down to the elementary school park with assorted nephews in tow and had a great time playing there. It was very fun and relaxing, and then we went back to the hotel about seven to put the kids in bed.

Monday morning we had breakfast and Mr. Brown exercised again, and then we went to the Iowa City Children's Museum. It is in the same gigantic mall as the theater- Mr. Brown laughed about the fact that we were going on vacation to a mall. But the museum was great fun, and lunch was easy to find- just walk down to the mall food court. We were there for two hours and only played in two of the museum rooms- so much to see and do. Originally we were going to go back after lunch but Nut Brown was approaching meltdown so we went instead over to Hugh and Jessica's again and put him down for a nap and planned a cookout for that evening: hamburgers, hotdogs, watermelon, and ice cream. Then we drove home!

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. Mr. Brown said that it was nice to be reminded that we all get along so well and have a lot of fun together when we can relax and enjoy each other. It was super nice. And so kind of Hugh and Jessica to let us come hang out with them in the afternoons. Hooray for vacations!