Monday, September 27, 2010

27 September 2010

Rose Pink is adding words to her pictures. In this one she's carrying buckets with her hands and feet. This priceless gem is an alligator, carrying Mr. Brown's hand weights, wearing shoes with double-knotted laces.

Friday, September 17, 2010

17 September 2010

Mr. Brown emails me this morning and says, "what we did"
"(it's a hover car if you can't tell)"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

14 September 2010

Rose Pink lately has been making a sulky puppy dog face when she doesn't get what she wants. Mr. Brown and I find this extremely irritating. She did it last night during scripture reading, which generated a quick direct very firm lecture from Mr. Brown about how puppy dog faces would not get her what she wants, and she might think about that next time before she makes a puppy dog face, etc. He finished and Nut Brown said, "Ruff."
I made half and half cupcakes tonight (an orange cake mix and a chocolate cake mix) with Mr. Brown to celebrate that tomorrow is halfway through September. We had batter left over (two cake mixes makes too many cupcakes) so we made an excellent cake to wrap up.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Last night Mr. Brown wanted me to play D&D with him but I didn't want to. It was about nine p.m., and I was hungry, so he offered to make me an omelet- and cooked up a most delicious ham and potato and egg concoction, with rye toast. Fabulous. Wonderful. While he was making it, he somehow cajoled me into role playing with him.... so it turns out that I will play D&D for food. :)

12 Sep 2010

A few notes:

*Mr. Brown got out the fall clothes to sort out what fits now that's long sleeved and long legged. Rose Pink, our clothes horse, told me that some of her new shirts were so cool that she had no choice but to play air guitar when she tried them on.

*Nut Brown stands on his head by putting his head down between my legs while I'm sitting indian-style on the floor. Tonight he got his legs up in the air by himself, bracing his arms on my thighs. He waved his feet artistically in the air and kicked me in the face.

*We went down to Davenport over Labor Day to celebrate an old friend's re-employment and to see the Iowa City Browns. It was interesting to be somewhere so familiar but not to feel as if we belonged there at all. We ran a couple errands for things we hadn't yet figured out in Michigan (haircuts and oil change) and felt very uneasy about the idea of driving past our old house and our old neighborhood. (So we didn't.) We missed Detroit. We did enjoy very much seeing our friends and family!

*While in Davenport, the kids and I went to see the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey circus (pardon me - the greatest show on earth). I had wanted to go the whole time we lived in Davenport, but when the kids were finally old enough, we moved. The kids enjoyed it but it turned out that they weren't quite old enough. Nut Brown curled up in his seat and went to sleep during the last fifteen minutes.

*Have I mentioned that Mr. Brown & I are the nursery leaders at church? WE LOVE IT. And Nut Brown does a truly excellent job of sharing his parents with everyone else for two hours. He really is well-behaved in nursery - I have first-hand evidence now.

*Nut Brown is just about through with potty-training. There were a few accidents and incidents but it overall went very smoothly. Good work, Nut Brown! He's a big boy in big boy underwear now. His favorite is the pair with Batman on them. He has the darling habit of putting his underwear on backwards, because he wants to be able to see the picture instead of having it on his bum.

*He's not quite staying dry through the night so he wears pull-ups to bed. He pronounces it, "pull-ips". He also has been half-waking himself at night because his body is learning to wake up in order to use the toilet. But he's not awake enough to actually go to the bathroom and use it, so he just cries in bed until Rose Pink wakes up and shepherds him into our room so we can help him. Last night he actually did get himself out of bed and into the bathroom. We will all be less grumpy once he gets this part totally figured out. We are very proud of him!

*I have a new boss at work. New boss makes me feel safe, like finally there is someone to help me instead of attack me. I am really starting to feel a lot better. Also, old boss that we moved here to escape came up to visit, and I called in sick in order to avoid seeing her. Successfully choosing not to see her has really helped me feel more in control and has also helped me feel a lot better. I think things may be on the upswing for me at work... even if it is September!!

*Mr. Brown has a friend in playgroup that he told about our tradition of having a practice Thanksgiving. She invited herself over for it as soon as he mentioned it. They made two 9x13 pans of baklava this week (Amri's recipe: thank you, Amri!!) and I have personally consumed half the pan in the last two days. Rose Pink didn't want to try it at first but then she had a bite and has been totally absorbed by it ever since. Best baklava ever, she says, and I have to agree.

*I hosted book club at our house the last day of August. We read Chalice, by Robin McKinley, which is a honey-themed book, so Mr. Brown made a bunch of honey treats and bought five kinds of honey for us to try. We had honey cake and rolls with honey and this completely fabulous fig-honey-goat cheese pita pizza.

*Rose Pink's two favorite colors are pink and orange. When my parents were here visiting, Rose Pink one day chose a pink top and an orange skirt combo (the colors actually went together more nicely than it might sound) and my mom commented that with her red hair and pink sandals that Rose Pink had nice layers of orange, pink, orange, pink.

*At the moment, when people compliment Rose Pink on her red hair, she says, "Thank you. Actually, it's copper."

*My brother Chris has moved to Chicago to attend grad school. We are hoping to see lots of "Uncle Kiss", as Nut Brown calls him.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 September 2010

Rose Pink asked me what the longest song I know is, and I made the mistake of telling her. Now she asks for "Master, The Tempest Is Raging" every other night at bedtime.