Sunday, October 31, 2010

Because every 5-year-old should know how to use a bo staff

Halloween 2010

So we've been working on Halloween prep lately...

Painting our batcars... Trying on costumes... (thank you to Jessica for the loan and the idea!!) And here is the culmination of work in the church parking lot pre-Halloween party: (Mr. Brown is dressed as a monk. Geoffrey of Monmouth.) The batcars are painted cardboard boxes with shoulder straps. Besides the bat symbols, the kids did all the painting and gluing and I just put the straps on.)

Happy Halloween! I love my two little batpeople!

Friday, October 29, 2010

29 October 2010

So we're riding in the car the other day and Rose Pink says to me, Can you please turn on the radio? I want to listen suspiciously. I was certain that I had not heard her right, but it turns out that she and Mr. Brown have had conversations about advertising and what some of the things that advertisements and commercials say and what they really mean. Hence her desire to listen suspiciously, as taught by her wise father.

Tonight in the car on the way home, she reads the name of the store we're passing: "THE HOME DEPOT". I say, Good job, Rose Pink! and she replies, That's the power of the Home Depot, Mom.

Monday, October 25, 2010

26 October 2010

We spent last weekend watching in fascination as men with saws and rakes and dumpsters and a Bobcat spent a day and a half cutting down two dead trees in our backyard. Such noise! Such drama! So many power lines! Friday night we sat in chairs by our sliding door (inside, because it was chilly) and watched the branches come off. Rose Pink wandered out to the kitchen to find something to nibble and came back with green beans (!!) that she and Nut Brown snacked on while we watched.

Our backyard is a lot more open and sunny now than it used to be. Sadly, my tomato plant (which still had ripening tomatos on it! Be jealous, o Iowa residents who are reading this!) had to be sacrificed to the chainsaw men.

25 October 2010

A few weeks ago, Rose Pink got on her two-wheeler bike and rode off down the driveway. She had been practicing coasting on it with no training wheels, and hadn't wanted to try riding it. But I told her that someday, she was just going to get on her bike and go flying off into the sunset so fast that we wouldn't even see her go... and it was worth finding out if today was the day. Well, it turned out that it was.

She is so fast on two wheels. Why does it make such a difference to take off the training wheels? Go, little girl, go.

Friday, October 15, 2010

15 Oct 2010

Both of my little goblins are going to be Batman for Halloween (just for a change from being a witch and a cat) but one of them's going to be called Batwoman. We were trying on costumes last weekend and there was a fair amount of crime stoppage happening on the first floor of our house that involved capes. On Sunday Nut Brown produced this coloring page in nursery at church. Notice that he colored the little girl just like his sister: copper hair, as she always defines it, and he colored her clothes black and told me that he drew her cape on. He always surprises me with how much more grown up he is than I expect him to be.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

14 October 2010

What we sang tonight at bedtime: On Top Of Spaghetti, This Land Is Your Land, Bananas In Pajamas, and Skip To My Lou.

I have started learning new songs to sing, memorizing them as I ride my bike home from work. I now know three verses each of Greensleeves and This Land Is Your Land and Amazing Grace, not to mention all of Senor Don Gato.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12 October 2010

Nut Brown thinks that the number five is infinitely large. This means that when he gets 'five minute' warnings, he is extremely pleased to be told that he has an infinite amount of time left to play in the tub. He always wants to be assigned verse five to read when we're reading scriptures at night. And the other day on the way home from the park, he had a conversation with Mr. Brown about death in which he offered to die, but not for five days, Daddy. I personally hope it's a bit longer than five days.
Last night we had a backyard full of kiddos from the neighborhood engaging in that classic childhood pasttime- mud pies. Also mud soup. Also making a 'cement carpet' by spreading the mud on a piece of cardboard. Tonight Rose Pink was invited up to play at a little girl's house up the street. Nut Brown was determined that he was going with her, but since she hadn't specifically invited him, we kept him home. We tried distracting him so he'd forget about going to Anna's house, but whatever we offered, he insisted that he was going to Anna's house, as in, "I will get a haircut and take a bath and THEN I'm going to Anna's house." or "I will not make cookies with you BECAUSE I am going to Anna's house." Finally we just said, No, dear, you're not going, and he cried and cried, and then made cookies with me. Sometimes kids just break your heart.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6 October 2010

As Nut Brown has been learning to use the toilet, I have been so touched to watch my husband teaching our little boy how to do 'man things' (urinate standing up). It is sweet to me to think about the other 'man things' he will teach Nut Brown as he gets older - shaving, for one, and how to treat girls and women, and how to bear the priesthood with respect and reverence.

I told Mr. Brown how it makes me all mushy inside, and he smiled and said that it makes him happy, too, but also angry, because there was no father figure to teach him 'man things' when he was growing up. I'm glad that he can do it for Nut Brown.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conference weekend

We played our semi-annual game with conference where we offer the children a small piece of candy (a choc chip, a jelly belly) every time they hear a speaker say one of the key words on a list that we compile together (Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ, faith, love, temple). It encourages them to listen and also to spoil their dinners. On Saturday afternoon (there's no 'morning session' when you're in the eastern time zone) they both sat with Mr. Brown & I on the couch for four solid hours of conference. At some points they were also engaged in quiet activities like drawing or reading to themselves, but they were sitting with us, snuggling and cuddling and listening. We went through half a bag of tiny M&Ms (Rose Pink totally scored with the second talk about prophets). It was a lovely and wonderful afternoon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

4 October 2010

Rose Pink, the other day, in the kitchen, when I suggested having popsicles for dessert, began an imitation of a cheerleader, chanting: "The Y word! The Y word! Not (her name here)! YES!"
Last night she sat at the kitchen table and explained to me how to make 'bun glasses' out of hamburger buns, bendy straws and glue.
Early one morning this week they woke us up by creeping into our room to read 'picture scriptures' (children's scriptures) together. Rose Pink explained to Nut Brown about how Joseph Smith wasn't allowed to receive the gold plates until he came to meet the angel wearing his church clothes. Tee hee hee.