Friday, January 28, 2011

28 January 2011

Rose Pink got for her birthday a 'draw your own clothes' book, with torso outlines and colored pencils and stencils for the shapes of clothes. She LOVES it. Here are some of her creations (all of which she names, she so reminds me of myself sometimes!). The first is my favorite, because she took the shavings from sharpening her colored pencils and glued them on to make the clothes.
I love the boots. She told me very carefully that even though they look different, they really are a matched pair meant to be worn together.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Here is Rose Pink's birthday in backwards order. Lastly, she was kissed by a bunch of boys with ink on their lips. Enabled by a stamping ring she was given as a present. The finale of the fashion show, which was a total success. The girls paraded for us, I think, five times? Maybe six. They loved it. Rose Pink's first appearance in the fashion show that concluded the party. Fancy girls have tea and nibbles. Rose Pink and I dressed our fanciest in preparation for guests. On the morning of her birthday party, she also had her first dance class at the community center. Here she is showing off what she 'learned' in class. She completely and totally loved it. Here she is ready to go to class! This is her birthday cake with candles on the night of her birthday. Happy six, Rose Pink! May this year be even better than the last! Sorry that they're all out of order- Blogger makes it too hard to rearrange them and I'm too tired.

some Christmastime photos

19 January 2011

We recently unearthed a set of a hundred markers from the basement (the kids' reward for being safe with markers now). The resultant explosion of creativity has been gratifying, especially from our sweet daughter.

Rose Pink draws her daddy: and enjoys her palette:
It's very fun to hear her searching for the 'right shade of pink', since she now has options.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

19 January 2011

Last week Mr. Brown was planning to make an Indian dish with cauliflower, and he prepped the cauliflower (washed and chopped) and put it in the fridge. Nut Brown discovered it, and ate half of it raw before Mr. Brown got around to making the dish a couple days later. Every time we asked him what was in his mouth, he'd say, very mushily, 'cawyfowuh'.

18 January 2011

Last night Nut Brown invited us to play hide and seek. He thought it was so fun to be hiding that he'd start to laugh, so finding him was never a problem. And if you took too long finding him anyway (more than ten seconds) he'd stick his head out and shout, "Is anybody there?" It was tons of fun. Eventually Mr. Brown turned out all the lights and we played sardines, which was also fun, although Rose Pink was a little scared by how dark it was. We told her that it's just like the game she used to play called 'darky schlarky' where you turn all the lights out and sit in the dark. Mr. Brown was wearing black and found the best hiding place, where none of us could find him - in our closet. (Oh, probably shouldn't have told you that!!) But the funniest part was finding Nut Brown by the sound of his giggles.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday Nut Brown found the remains of a Christmas cookie (iced, with sprinkles) in the bathroom drawer with the hair stuff. What? You think you misheard? So did I. No, it was really there, in the drawer with the barettes and elastics, and when asked how it could possibly have gotten there, Nut Brown replied solemnly, "Magic."

14 Jan 2011

Happy birthday, Rose Pink! Six years old!

She got up this morning and came in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and said, "I guess I'm not any taller."

This evening we gave her our gifts and she was very pleased and excited. Nut Brown had chosen a Mulan barbie, which she was totally excited about, and Mr. Brown gave her a fashion designer drawing kit thing, which she spent thirty minutes playing with after dinner. I gave her a bathrobe, which was also very happily received. (Thank you for the hand-me-down, Amanda!)

Tomorrow- her first dance class at the rec center, and the fancy party!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

10 January 2011

Rose Pink and I have decided to throw her a "Fancy Nancy" birthday party this Saturday. Today we made invitations for it. I cut out and wrote on, and she sewed the butterfly bodies and did the antenna. Also she further enhanced with delicate spirals.

There will be manicures. There will be pedicures. There will be nibbles with fancy toothpicks. There will be a fashion show.

Nut Brown and Mr. Brown are planning a trip to Chuck E Cheese for the duration.

9 January 2011

Nut Brown loves to wrestle. He is ready and willing at any time to jump on and punch anyone who indicates willingness. Since Rose Pink outweighs and can therefore outgun him, she will often join in. We have had several happy times lately rolling around on the living room floor. Today Nut Brown took on his daddy and punched him in the kidneys and then on the bum until his father rolled over and tickled him. Mr. Brown will put up with a lot more of this than I will! Thank goodness for daddies!