Monday, April 25, 2011

26 April 2011

We have some plastic Oreo cookies that are part of a matching game Gia gave us awhile ago. The kids usually use them as toy food, having correctly identified them as cookies. We were visiting an older couple in our ward a few weeks ago, and they set out a bowl of Oreos for nibbles. Nut Brown came up to me all round-eyed: "Those are just like our play cookies, Mom!" Poor deprived child. He's never had an Oreo to actually eat.

25 April 2011

Travelling through Denver on our way to SLC, we lost Nut Brown at the gate. Looking around to find him, we discovered that he'd climbed up into one of those electric cars they drive around terminals and was happily playing with the steering wheel. The moving sidewalks in the airports were a source of great amusement for our kids. Nut Brown rode one by hanging on to the moving handrail. Both kids ran against the direction of the sidewalk, or walked backwards at various times.

We had a great time with our friends. It was a very relaxing lay-around-the-house sort of vacation, where we got to lay around someone else's house and just hang out. I'm so glad that our kids get along so well - they had a good time playing together. Happily, these friends have the calmest dog and cat that I've ever seen, and that gave my kids a chance to make friends with two of the most non-threatening animals I've ever met. They're much more at ease with dogs now.

The couple we stayed with has two little girls. Getting ready for church on Sunday, there were hairbows for everyone - including Nut Brown. And on Friday, there was nail polish and manicures for everyone - including Nut Brown. I'm excited to go visit our Iowa City cousins in July, so he can participate in the wrestling dogpiles that are more his style than all this girly stuff.

We had an Easter egg hunt in Utah with our friends, in their yard, and it was lots of fun. The other mom had the idea to put those metallic star stickers on the eggs, a different color for each child, so they would only pick up the eggs intended for them and leave the easy-to-find ones for the two-year-old. It was so fun, and totally worth the $30 I spent on candy and cheap toys.

It was lovely to come back to Michigan, though. We were happily suprised by seventy-degree weather and sunshine when we got off the plane in Detroit, and the roadsides were filled with blooming forsythia bushes. I love forsythia. It was also lovely to go to our ward on Sunday. I appreciate it even more after attending our friends' ward in Utah. It's very diverse, and I love it.

Mr. Brown's Sunday School class had 27 people in it on Sunday. He teaches Gospel Essentials, and usually there are about 15 people in attendance. It's a wonderful class (I'm of course completely unbiased) and there is a steady flow through it of investigators and inactive members. It's super great- I've never been in a ward that had offered such an active, interesting Gospel Essentials class. The 27 people pretty much overwhelmed Mr. Brown, though. It may have just been the fact that it was Easter Sunday, but if this keeps up, he says he's going to ask to split the class. We overfilled the classroom.

Last night we were invited to another home for Easter dinner. We were supposed to bring potatoes, and so Mr. Brown made potato pickle soup, inspired by a Polish restaurant we visited here a couple weeks ago with our Iowa friends. It was completely and totally wonderful, and he was highly praised for it, which he deserved, in spite of the fact that everyone said, "pickle soup?" very dubiously when I told them we'd need bowls set out.

We're headed south this afternoon, to Dayton, OH, for two weeks, for a training class for me. Mr. Brown thinks he's really passing the kidney stone for real this time, so he's drinking Coke today. I told him that kidney stones just love Dept of Defense installations, since that's where we'll be staying, and the last time he passed a huge kidney stone was at Ft. Leavenworth, KS, while I was at a training course. Hopefully the Coke will work it's normal magic and he won't have to actually pass it this time.

Have I mentioned lately that I have the two most wonderful adorable children on the planet living with me? They are sweet and funny and clever, and I love them so much!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

13 April 2011

Mermaid, by Rose Pink.

Next week we're swimming off to Utah to visit some friends. Immediately upon our return, we're off to Dayton, OH, for a training class for me. Should be fun!