Monday, May 30, 2011

30 May 2011

This morning we walked/rode bikes downtown and watched a Memorial Day parade, which was lovely because there were lots of American flags to salute, three marching bands and no candy to fight over. Plus we got to cheer for the Dept of Public Works snowplows, which is truly a cause we can believe in. It was a great parade, and it was even more fun because we got a family walk out of it. We came home and had lunch and I did spring cleaning-like things while Mr. Brown watched Dr. Who and the children played, and then we went swimming for four hours at our friend Tiffany's house, where I got to watch my children positively delight in the water and moving around in it, and also to admire how my husband looks in a swimsuit. It was even hot enough today that I got to swim, too, and enjoy the sunshine. Then we stayed four more hours and made Indian food with Tiffany for her family and it was extremely delicious and tasty, except for the naan biscuits, but what's a biscuit between friends? We drove home down I-696 with the windows down listening to the road noise and feeling the wind in our hair. Nut Brown fell asleep in the car, and it has been a perfectly wonderful day.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

27 May 2011

The last several days it's been rainy and rainy and rainy, and I've had to get rides home from work because I'd ridden my bike in but it was raining to hard to ride home. Yesterday Mr. Brown and the kiddles came to get me. This morning it was cloudy again (but not raining) and Rose Pink warned me at breakfast, "It's supposed to rain today, Mom, so be wise and take the car to work!"


I love how Nut Brown rests one hand on my wrist while he sits on my lap to read books together.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 May 2011

We recently went out for ice cream at a little shop in Ferndale. It makes its own ice cream at the shop, in a variety of interesting flavors. Nut Brown decided on 'PB & Pig', which is peanut butter ice cream with chocolate covered bacon in it. It was surprisingly wonderful. Rose Pink had "Kooky Monster", which was vanilla with cookie dough that had been dyed blue. I tried 'Honey Lavendar' and "Salty Caramel" and ended up with 'Chocolate Overload' or something like that, and all I have to say is that this is what chocolate is supposed to taste like. I think it had fudge chunks in it, and oreo cookies. Yum. Can't wait to go back and try some more!

Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May 2011

Rose Pink calls dandelion fluffballs 'wishberries'. Also she's decided that butterflies are to be wished on, so whenever she or Nut Brown sees one they race to wish on it. Nut Brown broke off a phone conversation with my parents yesterday to wish on a white butterfly - "I wish for a monster truck that drives on its back!" he shouted randomly, to their confusion.

Nut Brown came down the stairs in an orange shirt and orange shorts and told me that he was a carrot. When he wears all red he tells me that he's an apple.

Speaking of monster trucks, he mentioned at family prayer the other night that when he grows up he's going to get a monster truck for his wife to go to work in.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

21 May 2011

Today we were at a friend's pool and I was watching Rose Pink practice her swimming - she self-propels through the water now, and is completely comfortable getting all wet, and going underwater and so on - Mr. Brown's hard work last summer is definitely paying off. I am super-impressed. And then Nut Brown and I practice pushing off from the edge and he jumps between Mr. Brown and I and then he decides that today is the day that he is going to learn to swim, and he starts swimming between Mr. Brown and I. Back and forth, back and forth, endlessly practicing and yes, there is forward motion, but there is also the courage to leap into water over your head and bicycle pedal your legs until one of your parents finally grabs your flailing arm and pulls you back up. Today was the day. He was amazing. They were both amazing.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to us! We have been in Michigan for a whole year- well, a year and two weeks by the time I'm getting around to writing this. My office at work celebrated by turning off my network access, so I spent my first two days back at work after three weeks off just sitting around daydreaming. Mr. Brown celebrated by taking the kids out to ice cream. Our actual anniversary date is May 5, so I think from now on we should celebrate by going to dinner in Mexican Town, which we haven't explored yet even though we've been here a year.

Here are some of the reasons that we love living in Detroit:

1. Canadian radio stations

2. Indian grocery stores (please note: plural!)

3. Middle Eastern, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Thai & Russian restaurants (to name a few)

4. there's not a major concert tour that doesn't include Detroit

5. the fascination here with cars and car companies

6. the Woodward Dream Cruise!

7. The milder winters

8. the way the city explodes back into life in the spring

9. the Detroit Red Wings (I've decided to be a fan)

10. every driver here sees me on my bike and gives me the right of way.

Look at that, it came out to exactly ten. I'm transcribing a list I wrote up for a friend of mine when I was trying to explain why I'd turned down a job offer in Alabama. While I have been looking diligently for a job there for some time, when I was actually offered one, I discovered that I'm not yet done living in this fabulous city, in spite of Alabama's significant advantages (family, weather, cost of living). Mr. Brown and I decided we'd stay for awhile. There are so many more things we want to do here: visiting Mexican Town is just one of them. I want to make friends with my aunt & uncle in Ann Arbor. I want to make better friends with people I've just started to get to know. I want to go to Canada.

So happy end-of-our-first-year, beginning-of-our-future-here to us! I'm excited to see what we get to do and learn and experience this year!

Monday, May 2, 2011

2 May 2011

Mr. Brown has a shirt that we all love that is printed in different sorts of chiles. He and Rose Pink have a silly joke where she says to him, "Daddy, you look hot!" and he replies, "Actually, I'm a little chilly!" They do this several times every time he wears the shirt.

Yesterday when Rose Pink came into our bedroom in the morning, she found the shirt and put it on herself. She was strutting around saying, "I'M the big daddy!" when Mr. Brown attempted to feed her the beginning of the joke.

Mr. Brown: Rose Pink, you look hot!

Rose Pink: Actually, I'm a little ... warm. Daddy, I think it should go the other way.

Mr. Brown: Rose Pink, are you a little chilly?

Rose Pink: Actually, I'm just... warm. Daddy, this isn't a funny joke.

Mr. Brown: Maybe not.