Friday, August 31, 2012

31 August 2012

This sign was taped up in our front window when I got home, and that's how I found out that Mr. Brown had followed through on his plans to have some friends over for D&D today.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 August 2012


Mr. Brown: I think I feel so bad because I have too much pride.

Rose Pink:  How can you have too much pride, papa?  You're a member of the church!


If only life were that straightforward!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29 August 2012

One of the sweetest things in my life is seeing my children love on each other.  A couple Sundays ago, I was making up lunches to take to church (I have to stay after for choir, so I bring lunches for the kids) and spreading PBJ sandwiches.  Nut Brown wandered into the kitchen all sleepy and when he saw what I was doing, he made sure that I knew to give him the sandwich made with the heel of the loaf, because Rose Pink doesn't like heels.  The sweet part is that he doesn't like heels either; he was just looking out for his sister.  He does things like this all the time, and it always makes me all mushy inside.

Rose Pink came home from her first day at vacation Bible school with a collection of charms that had to do with the theme for the week.  She thought they were pretty awesome, and so did Nut Brown.  Nut Brown only went to Bible school for one day and then wouldn't go back, but Rose Pink went and asked for another set of charms for her brother and brought them home for him.  It just warms my heart when they look out for each other.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 August 2012

The hazards of being alone with your brother in the back seat.  He might use a popper on your forehead.  (You know, those half rubber balls that you turn inside out that 'pop' up off the floor)  In Nut Brown's defense, he also used one on his own forehead.

Monday, August 27, 2012

27 August (2)

Just now, putting kids in bed, a very noisy something drove down the street.

Mom: Wow, that was loud.  What do you think that was, Rose Pink?

Rose Pink: A semi?

Mom: It sounded like one, didn't it?  What do you think, Nut Brown?

Nut Brown: A car?

Mom: Actually it was a motorcycle.  A really loud one!

Nut Brown: By car, I meant vehicle.

27 August 2012

 Bobo is four months old today!

Who needs a crib? Cribs are overrated.

Bobo is big into sitting up, and will strain to get upright if he is slightly reclined.  He talks and talks and talks: last week he was fussing on my lap, refused a bottle, but then lay and talked to me for five or six minutes while I changed his diaper.  Afterwards he was ready for his bottle- he apparently just had something he had to get off his chest first.

This week he has figured out that he can move his hands around and how to get them into his mouth.  Early indications seem to suggest that we have another lefty.  He is still stumped when we put things into his hands: poking himself in the eye with them and then being surprised.  He'll put your fingers in his mouth and chew on those, too, and he's at that nice gummy stage where it's like a little massage.

Mr. Brown gave him his first real food yesterday: sips of a citrus banana smoothie at a friend's house.  He liked it.  But then, he's on prune juice in his formula every day, which he prefers over plain formula, so no surprise that fruit is yummy.

He's a pro with the bottle now, and when he hears us shaking it up, he calms down and waits impatiently for it, because he knows we have it figured out and food is on its way.

Also, he's a drooly baby, which is new and different.  He's not teething, but he blows spit bubbles and will dribble on you.  And he'll nom on your shoulder too, and leave a little wet circle.  He's so cute.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 Nut Brown is FIVE!
Rose Pink spent the whole week before letting Nut Brown go first when taking turns, and making sure he got first choice of treats, all because he was the birthday boy.

 Chocolate cheesecake 'dirt' with gummi worms and a chick.

 Waiting to blow out the candles

 Opening gifts from our friends

our monkey man

Nut Brown was highly anticipating this birthday, and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make anything happen for it: two days before we still hadn't gotten any gifts for him.  Instead of a party at home, he took some of our friends to Flip City, a gymnastics place that has a free play hour every day, and then they came home and ate hot dogs and chips and cheesecake.  (Mr. Brown makes the BEST chocolate cheesecake.  The BEST.)  And broke a pinata, because that's what we do for birthdays.  It turned out to be a very fun afternoon for our boy.  I can't believe he's five.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

12 August 2012

Some gratuitous photos of our darling baby.  He likes to talk, a lot, and he also is happy to hang out on laps quietly.  On Sunday at church, he insisted on sitting up to have his bottle (only BABIES lay down to eat, Papa, REALLY!) and when you put him on his tum he can hold his head all the way up.  He will also yell at his siblings if they're too rough with him.  He tries to sit up in his carseat when he thinks he's been in it long enough.  Also he's sleeping really well at night (8-9 hrs) and not really sleeping at all during the day.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

11 August 2012

Nut Brown took us on a jolly walk last night.  We stopped by a construction site that has a lovely enormous pile of dirt for climbing, and then walked past our old house ('the cabin' as the kids call it) to the 'near park'.  I pushed Nut Brown on the swings and we played a tickle-me-no-you-can't-I'm-dodging game on the swings and threw punches at each other.  It was lots of fun, and the Mr. Brown and I raced each other across the park to the sidewalk, me with the stroller and Mr. Brown with the wagon and two kids. (I won.)

Friday, August 10, 2012

10 August 2012

While Grandma was here visiting, we went to 'Org Day', the big work picnic for my job.  It was super fun.  Lots of bouncy castles and a petting zoo and an exhibit of the various combat systems I work funding for, and a chance to drive robots!  Yes!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 August 2012

Last night, we were fiddling around in the yard when Nut Brown asked me to play with him.  I told him that right now we were working and that we weren't playing but I'd be glad if he'd come and help us.  He'd just hit himself in the face with a hammer (a glancing blow) while trying to help, which probably explains his response:

If work is the only option (sob gulp) then I guess I'm on my own...

9 August 2012

Rose Pink has lost her other front tooth.  It was really really loose for a couple of days, and she was complaining about how it hurt to eat, and touching it gingerly at breakfast one day, when she said surprisedly, 'Oh!  It came out!'  That's two teeth collected for the tooth necklace she's planning on.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8 August 2012

I don't know if you can see our future garden staked out in the backyard in this photo...  We recently had a friend of mine from Iowa over for dinner, and he reminded us of one of our favorite things about Iowa when he said, 'oh, you're planning a garden?  what are you going to plant?' and told us how he and his college buddies grew peppers in the yard of their bachelor pad when he lived in Davenport.  In Iowa, the easiest way to start a conversation with a stranger is to ask what they're growing this year, because everyone has a garden, even if it's just tomatoes in a pot on the porch.

Monday, August 6, 2012

6 August 2012

A new family portrait from Rose Pink, after watching The Incredibles.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today Mr. Brown and I are celebrating a decade as husband and wife.  It seems like a good time to do some accounting.

- Ten years of wedded bliss

- Three kids

- Four states

- Six houses (two gas stoves, three electric, one ceramic top)

- Eleven jobs

- Four computers

- Two cameras

- One new car

- Two D&D editions and eight sets of dice

- Approximately 47 plane trips

- Three videogame systems

- One mortgage

- Thousands of dirty diapers

- Four couches

- Two years of homeschooling

- At least 637 cans of chopped tomatoes

- Two hundred and forty credit card bills

- No cell phones



I love you, Mr. Brown!  I hope this is just the first of many decades together.