Sunday, December 30, 2012

30 December 2012

Bobo sits on his bum and scoots around the floor like his legs don't work at all.  It's so funny.  Also he likes to play with the pedals on the piano, and got mad at me when I got in his way because I was practicing once.  Honestly, Mom, those are MY toys!

Rose Pink, when eating legumes with rice, tells stories of plague taking over or barbarians invading as she slowly mixes the two together.

Nut Brown's teacher told me a story about him last week.  There is a little girl with down syndrome in his class, and her participation in lessons and activities is erratic.  Another little girl in the class asked, 'What about Amy?  She's not coloring.' and Nut Brown responded, 'We just have to be kind.'  The teacher was touched by his comment, and it is a good example of his gentle heart.

Christmas was better this year than last year.  My parents were visiting, much to the delight of the children.  We were glad to have them.  Mr. Brown and I are still trying to sort out what we like to do for Christmas.  This year Mr. Brown suggested that when the kids stop unwrapping gifts to play with the ones that they already unwrapped that we stop and let them play.  The idea was that it would help alleviate the overload of new stuff by letting them assimilate the new toys a bit at a time.  We opened the last gifts at 7:30pm, and it was so much nicer than rushing through.  It worked exactly as we hoped, and the day felt less like an influx of new stuff and more like a chance to enjoy gifts.  Definitely going to repeat that next year.

Christmas was such a bonus for Bobo because there was so much stuff on the floor.  All sorts of things to explore.

Also I want to note here that Bobo finds the sound of the Kitchen Aid fascinating.  We made a fair amount of cookies this month, and every time the Kitchen Aid turned on, he would stare and stare at it and when I carried him over to see it, he watched in fascination as it went round and round.  He's easily soothed by repetitive noises- for his bottle in the middle of the night, the sound of the water running will sometimes almost knock him back out.

Also one more note about the baby.  When I wash his face off over the sink after feeding him, he tries to lick my fingers.  He's so funny.

Thursday, December 13, 2012