Thursday, January 31, 2013

31 January 2013

Weather has been up and down this month.  It was cold at the beginning, then unseasonably warm, then unseasonably cold, and now it's unseasonably warm again.  Tomorrow it's supposed to go back to being seasonably cold.  In Rose Pink's opinion there has not been enough snow, although there has been more than last year.

During our first unseasonably warm spell, the kids and I walked up to the donut shop for donuts one afternoon.  Mr. Brown was busy working with a friend (and the friend's tools) to build a table for the laundry room in the basement.
The kids wore roller blades and when they got tired of rollerblading, they took them off and went barefoot.  It was that warm.

We, um, fed the baby bits of our donuts.  He thought that was pretty wonderful.  Mr. Brown was not exactly pleased when we told him.

The baby does love to get out and about, even when it is cold outside.  It was fun to be out and let the kids practice skating and have a donut.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

29 January 2013

Rose Pink had a birthday and it was a big one!  She turned eight!  Mr. Brown made her an orange chocolate cake with orange custard filling oh yum.

She was anticipating her baptism for weeks ahead of time- since Christmas was over, it was all she could talk about.  I had some adventures in getting it organized because she was baptized with another little girl and also an older lady, and we weren't sure for awhile who exactly was going to be getting baptized on 20 January besides Rose Pink!
We made invitations and invited the ward, and it was such a lovely, lovely event.  My parents also came.  It was very evident from the Spirit that we felt that Heavenly Father was so excited for her to be baptized as well, and that he loves her very much.
Mr. Brown conveyed a beautiful blessing from Heavenly Father when he was confirming her.  It was so special.  She is such a wonderful girl.  I'm reduced to cliches to describe the experience of watching my daughter make covenants with God: it was very sweet, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bobo dresses up

Clark Kent

Green Lantern
Dalek Bobo
This last photo- Nut Brown stuck the dart on his head and said, "Look!  A unicorn baby!  No! He's a Dalek!  A Dalek baby!"

Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 January 2013

This afternoon, Nut Brown called me down after lunch to see what the squishables were up to.  'They've escaped from their cage, Mom,' he exclaimed.  'They're up to no good!'

Me: I see Hedgehog is playing with the duplo blocks...  And Ugg is hanging out with Pooh Bear and Happy the Hippo...

Nut Brown: You have to find the others, too!

Me: Oh, look, Geronimo is sitting in the pasta box.  He must be hungry.

Nut Brown: It's a power source.  Where's the last one?

Me: Oh, I see Puff.  He's sitting by the packed up Pack'n'Play.

Nut Brown: It's a rocket.  (very seriously) Oh, I see! They're trying to put together a control panel and a power source so they can ride the rocket out of here!  They're so sneaky!  We have to stop them!

Monday, January 7, 2013

7 January 2013

The other night Rose Pink announced right before bed that she was still hungry.  This seemed somewhat unfair to Mr. Brown and I, as we had just hosted two other families for a buffet-style make-your-own sandwich spread, where the food was plentiful and readily available, so Mr. Brown said, well, you should have eaten more for dinner, and we sent her to bed.

When I went in to give her last hugs and kisses, Nut Brown said, 'Rose Pink is SAD, Mama.  She's HUNGRY.'  (He has such a tender heart.)  I talked to Rose Pink about it, and she said tearfully, 'Papa didn't even give me a second chance, Mom!  He didn't even offer me something I didn't want!'

Who could resist that?  I told Mr. Brown about it when I went back out, and he said, good grief, and then he took her a roll to eat in bed.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

5 January 2013

Me, trying to convince Nut Brown to sit on my lap: My lap is lonely!  It's so sad!  It wants someone to sit on it!  It might start crying!

Rose Pink: That's called peeing your pants, Mom.