Monday, September 30, 2013

30 September 2013

This weekend we finally got to use the hair chalk that we bought on a whim in Utah.  Rose Pink and I were pretty excited about the chance to put some neon stripes in our hair.  It was unfortunately a little disappointing - it was hard to apply and it wasn't as vibrant as we hoped it would be.  The boys wanted to play too, and since they have short hair I could just rub the chalk back and forth on their heads until we got really nice color.  So hair chalk worked better for short hair than for long!  Nut Brown had stripes of every color on his head, and Bobo's hair turned green.  It was really fun.  I wish I'd gotten photos.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

29 September 2013

At the beginning of September, we flew out to Utah to spend a week.  We'd finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family and decided that this should be our fabulous vacation reward.

Bobo getting ready for his first plane ride at DTW.  Somehow he forgot to get his shoes on.  I don't know why, I mean, the other kids got their own shoes on and got in the car when I told them to, so I'm not sure what he was thinking...  we had to buy him a new pair when we got to Utah.

Bobo showing preference already for the window seat.  Nut Brown is being a peach and not complaining about being invaded.

How did the kids spend the hours and hours in the air?  Coloring in their new coloring books, playing with plastic dinosaurs, and playing Swap with me.  Bobo was pretty good, just a little restless.  He consumed a LARGE amount of fruit snacks.

Layover in Denver- it was just the right length to get out, run around, stretch our legs, and get ready for the second flight to Salt Lake.  Notice that Bobo's feet are still bare.

I reserved a Toyota Corolla equivalent for a car rental for the week.  When we got to Salt Lake, the line at the rental car desk was about 30 people long.  The guy behind the desk encouraged people to use the kiosk, so Mr. Brown got out of line, tried the kiosk, and it worked for him!  So we bypassed the long line and headed out to pick up our car.  When we got to the garage, the guy said to Mr. Brown, well, I have three cars left.  (all those poor people in line in there!) Do you want a truck or a minivan?  We opted for the minivan.  Best rental Toyota Corolla ever.

We visited Mr. Brown's old elementary school in Kaysville and played on the (new) playground.

Here is Mr. Brown and his brother examining the old sledding hill and the view beyond it.

We spent two days hanging out with Mr. Brown's brother and his family and Gia, who was also visiting.  We visited the Natural History Museum, which was amazing, and picnicked in Red Butte Gardens.  We also went to visit his father's grave, which is in Salt Lake.

It's in a very pretty spot with a beautiful view of the valley.  There was some hanging out with cousins and enjoying the peace.

Our departure was unfortunately hasty because Nut Brown and cousin Lucia were stung by a very aggressive wasp, so we quit the graveyard.

Nut Brown really hit it off with the cousin just above him in age, and Rose Pink had a great time with the two older girls.  I'm so glad that we got to see them and hang out.

We visited Temple Square.  The whole family went once, and Bobo and I walked up by ourselves a couple more times.  The last time, coming back, we walked past the Salt Palace where they were holding Comic Con, and it was super fun to see all the people dressed up as their favorite superheros. 
I really love the gardens of Temple Square.  It makes my soul happy to see all that beauty.

We took a tour of the Conference Center as well.  I had always wanted to see the roof garden, and it turns out that the Conference Center is full of lovely artwork as well, so that was really neat.

Here is a photo of Bobo helping to carry his stroller up the stairs at the hotel.  It was so cute that he was helping.  He's always trying to help with whatever we're doing - it's so sweet and so fun.

Our hotel had a swimming pool, so we went swimming every day.  Rose Pink got a lot better at it after we bought goggles for her.  Nut Brown was still not as enthusiastic but enjoyed the water.  The swimming usually happened during Bobo's (and Mom's) nap, so he didn't get to enjoy it as much, but it was fun for everyone else!

We went to another museum called 'The Leonardo' downtown.  We came in the afternoon, and it closes at five, and we unfortunately found the really cool stuff (computer animation tools, stop action filmography equipment) about ten minutes before they closed.  I wish we could have stayed longer.

Here's Nut Brown playing with the pixel exhibit upstairs:
He rearranged them into blocks of uniform color.
A serious overdose of cuteness:

Rose Pink with the paper sculptures she made to throw shadows:

We drove out to the Great Salt Lake, which wasn't actually on my initial agenda at all.  But when the plane was landing in Salt Lake, Nut Brown said to me, "Salt Lake City!  Does that mean there's a lake around here somewhere?"  Yes, Nut Brown, yes, there is.  Maybe we should go see it.

So we took our swimsuits and went out to see it and hiked the seventeen miles across burning sand from where the dressing rooms are to see if we would float in the lake.  (Yes, we do.)  Rose Pink's skin was irritated by the water, and Bobo, when attempting to float, got turned upside down (his head is more dense than his body) and was unhappy about it, so we spent more time going to and from the lake than we did in the lake.  But it was still interesting, and now the kids can say they've been there and they weren't impressed.
I was also impressed with the quiet in the park.  Utah is famous for its outdoorsy things to do, but we're not super outdoorsy and this was as close as we got to hiking or anything like that.  It was very quiet and peaceful.

After being at the Great Salt Lake, on a whim we went north and up to Logan to eat dinner and take photos at the temple where Spencer and I were married eleven years ago.  We ate at the restaurant where Mr. Brown & I told my parents we were getting married, and we even ended up with the same table.  Very different experience with kids though.

It was nice to spend the time together as a family, and we did lots of fun stuff, including just hanging out at the hotel.  We are very blessed to have the resources to do things like this!!  And... we've decided to give in and buy a minivan.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

28 September 2013

And with the return of cooler weather comes the return of.... footie pajamas!!  My favorite.  Bobo was so funny when I put them on him the first time.  Socks that he couldn't take off?  Weird.  But now he's resigned, and I just think he's so cute.  The other night he was sitting on my lap reading a book in his pajamas with his little feet hanging over the edge of my lap and I thought I would just burst with happy satisfaction.  There's not much sweeter than a happy baby in footie pajamas.

Friday, September 27, 2013

27 September 2013

Is it really the end of September already?  Last night Rose Pink had soccer practice so we packed a picnic dinner (Mr. Brown was off to class that night) and after God answered our prayers to locate the car keys we drove off to her practice field and had supper on the grass.  The sunshine was beautiful and we all ate well and finished off with chocolate cookies.  The baby dined almost exclusively on pickles and fooled me into thinking that he was eating carrot sticks along with the ranch dressing.  After consuming several carrots, he leaned over and spit them all out on the grass.  Silly baby.  It was nice to be outside together.  Rose Pink and Nut Brown were playing this game where you try to fool somebody into saying the name of a color and Rose Pink was letting Nut Brown win, and it was just a nice evening.  We finished right on time for her practice to start.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

17 September 2013

Mr. Brown and I have not seen a baby as determined to keep up with the others as Bobo is.  Most recently, he's decided that if he can't feed it to himself, he's not going to eat it.  We discovered this while on vacation at the hotel.  Mr. Brown said, I can't get the baby to eat anything for breakfast! and I said, well, he eats for me... and the difference was not the food, but the fact that I let the baby hold the fork himself.

We have also found out that Bobo loves LOVES loves frozen blueberries.  Whenever anyone opens the freezer he gets all excited, because the freezer is home to all goodness in our household: frozen blueberries and mango chunks, popsicles and chocolate chips all come out of the freezer.

Monday, September 16, 2013

16 September 2013

Bobo is just the sweetest little guy to have around.  Getting up in the morning, he snuggles briefly (for like two minutes) with me in bed before getting up for the day.  When he's busy playing, sometimes he comes over and leans his head on your knee just for a minute, just checking in.  Or he'll give your knee and open-mouth kiss and leave a wet circle.  He gives really great hugs when he's excited to see you.  His baby cheeks are so soft to kiss.

He and Rose Pink are good friends.  When Mr. Brown corrects Bobo, he runs to Rose Pink for comfort.  The other day when she was crying in her room, he ran away from me in order to give her hugs and bring her toys to try and comfort her.

We have rats in the garden that are eating my tomatoes, so I went ahead and picked the pumpkins.  They're sitting in our front window 'curing' before I put them in the basement.  Three pumpkins, arranged on a bench carefully spaced.  I got up in the middle of the night and they certainly gave me a start when I glanced in the living room.

For Halloween, Rose Pink is going to be a magician.  Nut Brown is going to be a bomb, and Bobo is going to be a lit match.  If the match doesn't work out, he's going to be a tiger, because I already have a tiger costume.

On Saturday I started digging up some more of the lawn in order to expand a flower bed.  I dig up the turf, shake off the dirt and pile up the grass to be thrown out.  It surprised me that both Rose Pink and Nut Brown were very interested in participating in what I was doing.  I dug up the hunks of lawn, but they would shake off the dirt, look for bugs and worms, and piddle around with me while we were working.  I guess they've actually been involved in every yard project I've done, from setting up the beds and planting them, weeding, planting annuals, watering and harvesting.  I should give gardening a little more credit- it's not just me that finds it interesting!

Monday, September 9, 2013

9 September 2013

Rose Pink and I were taking advantage of an absence of boys to play a marble game on the living room floor.  Grandma gave us this game that involves rolling marbles across the floor to try and get points if they come to rest on the board in various holes.  The kids really like it but marbles + baby = not a good idea, so they don't get to play it as much as they like.  I suggested to Rose Pink that we put some masking tape down to mark where we were rolling the marbles from.  She ran to get the tape, and when she came back in, she said, "It's a good thing you don't have to play at my level, Mom.  It's really far back!"  I rose to the challenge and said, "Oh really?  I'm ready to try playing at your level!"  She countered by showing me how far away 'her level' was (about ten feet from the target) and I said, "Well, that would be hard but I'm ready!  Bring it on!"  Rose Pink was pressed into a bit of honesty and replied, "Oh, no.  Nobody's ready to play at my level.  I'm not sure I'm ready to play at my level!"  We put the masking tape down much closer in.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 September 2013

Nut Brown is the first these days out of the house to greet me when I come home from work.  He dashes down the steps straight over to me and I pick him up for a hug.  Even though he's six he's easy to to hold because he wraps his arms and legs around me and holds on like the little monkey he is.  Yesterday Mr. Brown came out just after him while we were hugging and Nut Brown said, 'Ha ha, Papa, I get the first kiss!' and then he kissed me on the cheek, and then he kissed me again for good measure.  He is so sweet and affectionate.  His kisses were so soft.

Bobo is also very excited to see me when I get home.  He goes into these mini-paroxysms of joy where he clenches all his muscles and goes rigid and shakes for a second before he holds me tight because he's so excited.  One of my favorite memories was at Nut Brown's birthday party where Bobo brought me a piece of candy and when I started to unwrap it for him, he clenched his fists and shook for joy in anticipation of the treat. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 September 2013

Nut Brown is a consummate bargainer.  Any request from us is deemed as an opening offer, even if it wasn't intended as such.  Last night I told him I'd give him a quarter if he'd take these four empty glass jars down to the basement for me, and he said, "A quarter for each jar? That would be a dollar!"  I said, very surprised, "No, actually, I meant a quarter for all four of the jars."  He replied, "How about a quarter for each jar?"  And I had to say very firmly, "No, I'm only offering one quarter for all four jars." and all the while I was thinking, you're lucky I'm offering anything!  He was born knowing that you get more if you ask for more, and he always asks for more.  Rose Pink is constantly saying, why did Nut Brown get another (fill in the blank)? and the answer is almost always, because he asked for one!

Monday, September 2, 2013

2 September 2013

Because we are seriously in love with snow, we felt the need to wear our snow boots on a walk, just in anticipation.  Actually, Rose Pink was anticipating, and Nut Brown was trying to be like his sister.  I was pleased to discover that their boots from last year still fit.

Bobo's shoes, on the other hand, are almost completely worn out.  He loves to wear them because it means that he might be going outside.  He knows where they're kept, and when you say, let's get your shoes on, he gets all excited.  These shoes have certainly been well-loved and well-worn.

So we walked up to the park and discovered that someone had contributed a large amount of interesting digging tools to the neighborhood sandbox.  Entertainment ensued.

I get a lot of photos that look like this lately: Bobo is really really interested in getting his hands and/or grubby fingers on the camera.  The older he gets, the more fun he is.

The kids ditched the snowboots upon arrival at the park and declined to put them back on for our walk home.

In other shoe news, soccer practices have started.  Kids were complaining about how tight their cleats were getting last year, so I knew we needed new ones.  When I went down to check their bins of future apparel, I had cleats in the next size up already on hand for both Rose Pink AND Nut Brown.  Sometimes I amaze myself.