Friday, October 25, 2013

25 October 2013

What a month October has been.  Having Mr. Brown back in school has been stressful in unanticipated ways, although it has also been a great blessing.  Soccer season finishes this week, to our great relief.  It's been really fun, but we're ready to do something else in the evenings besides practice and games.  Mr. Brown and I have been working on greater honesty with each other as well, and that has been really hard and painful but I trust that our relationship and we ourselves will be better for it.  The garden has wrapped up production for the year.  When I came home from work yesterday Mr. Brown had finished pulling out most everything that's coming out after the frosts we had this week, and the backyard smelled like basil.  Before it got really cold, I got a good start on the bed along the back fence where I want to plant raspberries and rhubarb next spring, and Mr. Brown dug up some bushes by the roots so they won't be cluttering the fenceline any more.

We spent last week at the church most days helping with the winter clothing distribution: handing out clothing shipped to us from Utah to the needy who were referred by their case workers.  There was so much to do.  Mr. Brown was there every day, and I took Friday off so we could all go and help.  It finished on Saturday, and we were exhausted afterwards, but it was very rewarding to work hard at something and see how our efforts were helping people.  The kids were troopers through the whole thing (although by the end Bobo was so not excited to see the church building again).  I hope we get to do it again next year.

The kids and I are anticipating Halloween.  (Mr. Brown has to go to class on Halloween, how sad is that??  I will miss him and he's not happy about being gone.)  The celebration starts tonight: we're going the 'Zoo Boo' at the Detroit Zoo, which was a good time last time we went.  Tomorrow is the church Trunk-Or-Treat, and then we'll carve pumpkins (the ones from my garden!) on Monday and trick-or-treat the neighborhood on Thursday.  I love Halloween for the friendly, neighborly feelings that it generates around town.

I just found out from my boss this week that when my developmental assignment finishes in November, I'm being sent to work in the budget office for the Robotics Program Manager.  It's supposed to be for four months, and we'll see what happens after that.  I have no idea.  Life is sure an adventure.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 October 2013

Soccer season.  Nut Brown and Rose Pink are both playing.  Rose Pink is on the same team with a new coach, and he seems to be pushing the girls a bit more so they're working harder and learning more, which is great.  This week she set a goal all by herself to take 100 shots on goal during the week in order to normalize the behavior.  (She's within twenty shots of reaching it too.) 

Nut Brown is on a different team this year and is enjoying soccer much, much more.  His new coaches are very organized but very laidback at the same time.  Mr. Brown and I really enjoy the games and all the yelling and cheering and our kids' satisfaction in their achievements as they play.

Bobo, for a long time, thought that balls existed to be kicked and so is a champion dribbler.  Eventually he figured out that balls can be thrown and bounced as well, but he still dribbles the soccer balls a lot; it's super cute.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1 October 2013

Finishing out the gardening year.  Here are the fruits of the pumpkin vine.  One more rotted on the vine and one more had the nerve to grow in my neighbor's yard, so I gave it to her.

Here they are curing in the front window.  I'm hoping that after the curing I can store them in the basement for a couple weeks until Halloween.  (I picked them early because I was worried the rats that have been eating my tomatoes would find them.)  The kids have already decided whose is whose, and have named them three times.  The last time Nut Brown named them while he was memorizing a scripture for church, and they got named 'Might, Mind & Strength'.
The watermelon vine produced two watermelons.  Here we are anticipating the eating of one. (The other turned out not to be ripe when I cut it open.)

It's a pretty piddly watermelon, but I didn't expect the pumpkin vine to take over the whole backyard like it did, and it pretty much overwhelmed the watermelon.  Once I picked the pumpkins and tore out the vine, the watermelon revived and started flowering again, even though it's fall.  Note to self: plant the watermelon away from the pumpkin next year.  Maybe your melons will be bigger.