Wednesday, January 28, 2015

28 January 2015

Bobo loves his superhero t-shirts.  He doesn't ever want to take them off, not for baths, not for pajamas, not for anything.  So we have a deal that when he's getting in pajamas, he can keep his shirt on under his footies if he wants to.  The same deal extends to Sunday clothes, so he often goes to church with a Batman t-shirt under his cute little blue button-down.  This past Sunday he was wearing a ninja turtle t-shirt underneath, and when we got home, he took off his coat and requested immediate assistance to take off his Sunday shirt.  As Mr. Brown was undoing his buttons, he said, "Come out, ninja turtle!  Come out!"  (When he says 'turtle', it sounds like 'Toto'.  Awwwwwww.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

27 January 2015

On Tuesdays I work from home.  This morning a certain two-year-old got up really early (6:30 am) and came to hang out with me since everyone else was asleep.  Eventually he wanted breakfast so I sent him downstairs to ask Mr. Brown.  He came back up shortly, without Mr. Brown, and came back out to the living room.  I asked him if he wanted some raisins.  "Yes," he said.  "Papa say... he say...'one second'!"  At the moment he's driving his cars on a cloth map behind me on the floor, talking partly to himself and partly to me.  He has a little plastic dresser on wheels that his cars, his superheroes, and his Sonic tot toys are kept in, and he wheels it from the bedroom to the living room so he can dump out the contents of the drawers on the living room floor to play.  With all this talking, it surprises me how much he has to say.  He just commented, "My birthday... coming."

Rose Pink calls him "fuzzball".

Monday, January 26, 2015

26 January 2015

Rose Pink's birthday party was on Saturday.  Usually I enjoy putting on parties for the kids but for whatever reason, I had a hard time getting started on hers this year.  It didn't faze her, though.  She basically planned the whole party, did all the decorating, baked the cake, and then hosted it herself.  Every time I asked her about it, she had been moving forward with it and I ended up functioning as an advisor rather than primary planner.  It was really neat to see her take charge, plan, and then execute: she is growing and it's fun to watch.

The party was book-themed.  She made invitations shaped like books and invited everyone to come in costume as their favorite character, and she hung books from a rope across the living room as part of the decorations.  We all introduced ourselves and talked about what we were dressed as.  Then we played Mad Libs and Do You Love Your Neighbor and then we ate cake.  Mr. Brown suggested that she make a poke cake, and she did and loved it.  We busted the pinata and then it was time for everyone to head home.  The last activity she had planned was board games, but we didn't have time.  She chose blue as the color theme- blue crepe paper, blue cake, blue punch.  One of the moms asked if blue was her favorite color, and she replied, "No, it's not.  Blue is just the color most associated with books - you know, blue cover, white pages."

I helped her make lists - a shopping list and a list of things to do, and she just took care of it all.  She hosted, and Mr. Brown and I just filled in the gaps behind her.  She is amazing, and it was so cool to see what she's capable of.

Also, the character that she chose to dress as was Cleopatra, and she made the costume herself too.  Seriously the easiest birthday party I've done for my kids so far... seeing as how I didn't actually DO anything.

Friday, January 23, 2015

23 January 2015

Mr Brown recounts:
Yoroko told me that she used to think a Kolob was a sleep booger in your eye
from If you could hide a kolob in the twinkling of an eye
but now she knows the lyrics are if you could hike to Kolob.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 January 2015

Bobo is constantly asking "Who zat?" because for some reason the concept of "What zat?" didn't make it in, so 'who zat' is a question about any sort of noun, not just people.

Bobo: Who zat?

Me: Your cousin Jason.

Bobo: No, who zat?

Me: Jason!

Bobo: No, WHO ZAT?

Me: It's a gingerbread house.  (Jason is standing next to one in a photo)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

8 January 2015

Tonight Rose Pink and I were reading scriptures upstairs together.  We just started reading the Book of Mormon together at night, two chapters at a time, alternating verses.  Tonight she was feeling happy and sang each of her verses on her turn instead of reading them.

The other night at dinner, she started talking to herself as she played with her food, telling a story with it as she ate it.  I thought to myself,  I'm so glad she's happy.  Then she paused and said to me, "Mom, do you know how you can tell when I'm happy?  I tell stories with my food!"

first snow, finally

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

7 January 2015

For awhile, Bobo played this game with a blanket where he would proclaim that it's raining! and then make his playmate get under the blanket with him.  It could get a little irritating because whenever you'd say, Oh! Sun is out!, he would counter, "No, no!  Raining!"  Fortunately he's moved on and it doesn't rain so much at our house any more.

Last night he and I and Nut Brown were playing on his bed and we climbed on to Nut Brown's comforter, which was a boat.  Nut Brown pulled part of the blanket up over our heads.  I said, "oh, is it raining?" and Nut Brown gave me a dirty look.  Bobo said, "No... snowing!  It's Christmas!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

6 January 2015

Over the holidays, when we toasted each other with eggnog and bubbly juice, Bobo would raise his glass and say, "Uncle!" instead of "Cheers!"  When Rose Pink was little we used to say "Cheers" whenever we saw that we shared something with someone else, like wearing the same color shirt.  Rose Pink once saw an adult friend of hers who was also eating a deviled egg and ran over to say, "Cheers!"  The adult was amused that she'd been toasted with an egg.

Bobo also has a cute verbal quirk of always adding 'one' after 'another'.  So when we finish reading a book, he says, "Another one book?"  When we looked out the window at fauna, he shouted, "Oh!  Another one squirrel!"

The last couple weeks his verbal expression has just exploded- he just sat on my lap and told me, "I want to take a picture with that camera."  And yesterday I had pulled my pants down to show Mr. Brown the gigantic sore spot on my hip (I fell on the ice), and Bobo started to laugh and said, "Poopy?  Mama poopy?  Diaper change!"  He's so funny.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2 January 2015

For all you people who sent gifts to my children that read this blog - thank you.  We are working on official thank you cards, but this is a note to let you know how grateful I am for the affection and generosity you gave my children for Christmas.  We have had so much fun with all the creative materials and games that you sent.  The kids had a wonderful Christmas, and your gifts were a big part of it.

On to the new year.

Bobo has been speaking in full sentences for a few weeks now.  I heard the longest one yet - seven words - on Sunday morning: I don't want to go to church.  Also when he says 'airplane', he pronounces it 'ai-pain', which makes me laugh.

We were sick over Christmas- it started with Nut Brown the week before and worked its way around.  I finally caught it the day after Christmas and was the last one laid up.  Happily I think we're mostly better now, although it was the lingering sort that hung around for several days.  Bobo actually put himself in bed several times in the afternoon for naps because he was so tired.  I wish that habit had stuck around after he got feeling better.  We did go back to enforcing earlier bedtimes because people were so tired, and that one has stuck.  So far.  It's nice to have kids in bed by 7:30 again.