Friday, June 26, 2015

26 June 2015

The kids and I walked up to the corner store last evening, and Rose Pink bought ice cream for everyone (she has a generous heart) and when we were walking home the kids were walking in front eating ice cream on sticks and just for a moment they lined up in height order as they were talking and walking and eating, and it was a happy sight, my dear children having a good summer.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

25 June 2015

Nut Brown was up early the other day and was anxious to play video games, so I offered to help him with his spelling from work.  I called as soon as I got to my desk and he and I spent 20 minutes on the phone while I read my email and called out his spelling words for him, to help him get a jump on his homework and get him that much closer to video games.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

24 June 2015

Just back from a family reunion vacation in Maine. Tonight when praying Bobo said, Thank you for Maine, and thank you for Maine, and thank you for Maine...

My aunt, a retired schoolteacher, just cleared out some more of her school stuff and gave us her collection of Newbery Medal winners, plus a complete set of Harry Potter, which Rose Pink carried off immediately to her room.  Tonight when we were reading scriptures, she decided to imitate Hogwarts teachers' voices for her verses.

---------Later Update: What We Loved In Maine----------

*On the way out, we stopped in Kirtland, Ohio, to visit church history sites and see some friends from our ward who were serving a couples mission there.  We really enjoyed getting out of the car and walking around to all the buildings.  My favorite was the Whitney Store, although I did also love the herb garden in front of one of the houses.  We drove past the Kirtland temple, but didn't stop to go in.

*We also stopped at Niagara Falls.  It was amazing and wonderful.  All that pouring water.  It is awesome.  We took the walk over the river to go out on the island where you can look straight down over the falls - frightening and wonderful.

*Day two of the drive out, we stopped outside Albany, NY for some reason and visited Chester Arthur's grave.  It was pretty cool.  Kind of randomly placed in a random cemetery. 

*In Maine, we drove up the coast instead of taking the faster inland route.  Next time, we'll take the inland route.

*We rented a vacation house separate from the big one the rest of the family was in.  It was adjacent to a hotel and we had pool privileges, which we used at least once.  The house was really big, for our little family.  Bobo and I slept together, and Mr. Brown upstairs, and Rose Pink and Nut Brown in another bedroom.  It was a short drive up to the big vacation house (which was hidden away and hard to find the first time) but it was so good for our family to have its own space.  I sat up late one night and watched the Stanley Cup finals with Rose Pink.
*We walked across the bottom of the ocean to an island when the tide was out, and got passed by a bus.
*We ate breakfast at the Blue Cat Restaurant, and had biscuits as big as our head.
*We went swimming at Echo Lake with a big group of cousins and siblings.  Too cold for me but Rose Pink enjoyed it.
*Rose Pink remembers seeing the jellyfish with Lucia.
*We spent a foggy, chilly afternoon at Seal Harbor, which had a billion shells and weird worms and a creek running into the ocean.  Rose Pink (fearless of the cold) went wading with Aunt Amy.
*The kids and I spent a sunny afternoon at Compass Harbor, which is a beach within walking distance from the big house.  We built sand castles and climbed on the rocks.  Nut Brown collected crab pieces, and Bobo stepped on a crab (we tried to heal it but I fear it did not end well).  We watched the tide go out.  It was very peaceful and so fun.
*We had to buy swim shoes at the local Wal-Mart because all the beaches are rocky and can't be handled barefoot.  But with swim shoes-  lots of fun!
*One afternoon we walked down to Compass Harbor and met a girl named Becca with her parents.  She's a marine biology major, and she got in the water (in her clothes) and pulled up sand dollars and other marine life for us to look at.  Ever since, Rose Pink has wanted to be a marine biologist.
*We played pirate miniature golf at the mini-golf course.
*We sang 'Shake It Off' with Uncle Peter at the family talent show.  I talked Rose Pink into singing 'Wade In The Water' with me for the show but then ruined the ending.  Nut Brown did some gymnastics moves and flips.
*Mr. Brown spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for people. 
*The house had a lovely outdoor patio (although narrow, because of the cliff top) with a beautiful view and chairs - wonderful for sitting outside.
*We drove around Acadia National Park and stopped at Thunder Bay - listened to the crashing waves while climbing on the rocks around them.  It was amazing.
*When we left, we immediately wanted to go back again.  It was gorgeous, wonderful, and amazing!

Monday, June 8, 2015

8 June 2015

The kids were singing a song they learned from some friends that goes, "I'm so lucky 'cause I got you!"  Bobo joined in joyfully and sang loudly, "I'm so yucky cause I got you!" which made the rest of us laugh.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

4 June 2015

Bobo prays with me every night.  One night, he had a very sore bum as a result of playing in wet pants for several hours, and he began his prayer, "Dear Heavenly Father... my bum hurts," in a very sad little voice. Last night he began by saying, "Dear Heavenly Father... Mommy is beautiful."  He also gives thanks for things by saying, "Thank you with..." as in, "Thank with the cookies."  But he doesn't have 'th' yet, so it comes out, "Sank you wif de cookies."

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2 June 2015

Last week Bobo was getting his diaper changed and was playfully resistant so that both of his legs ended up in one leg of his pants.  He didn't want to fix it, so he hopped out to the living room like that.  His siblings were immediately taken with this, and switched their pants so that they could all be mermaids together.  There was a lot of laughing, and a lot of hopping, and a fair amount of falling down on their bums.

Monday, June 1, 2015

1 June 2015

 We are now an all-Kia family.  We just bought a Kia minivan to replace our very old but still running Honda Civic.

Good bye, Jericho... you were faithful and reliable- may you rest peacefully wherever you end up.

1 June 2015

It's samarra season, and Rose Pink has been running a hospital for them in the driveway.  She carefully performs transplants, and lines the patients up in rows as their injuries are bandaged with leaves of grass.  Nut Brown has so far declined to play with her but she finds the game very absorbing.