Saturday, October 31, 2015

31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!!!  The party started Friday with the church trunk-or-treat/Halloween dance, which was a total blast.  Mr. Brown won the 'most spirited dancer' award, which was no surprise, because passionate dancing is a Brown family heritage.  We love to dance and so we loved the activity.  Nut Brown was planning to go as Darth Vader.  We told him 'no masks', so he decided to shave his head and paint it all white, so he could go as the unmasked Vader.  (My kids are so cool for so many reasons.)  Here we are:
(Nut Brown is making force lightning with the background)

I decided to be Batman, so Mr. Brown said he should be Robin.  So I made Mr. Brown's costume as well and was very pleased with how well it turned out!  Rose Pink is a very glamorous witch-like person, and Bobo is Luke Skywalker.

Here we are with his 'most spirited dancer' award.

Tonight was trick-or-treating with some friends.  Here's Bobo as Luke Skywalker again (see the blurry lightsaber?):
Nut Brown in full Vader regalia:
(Yoda is not ours, he's one of the friends)

Rose Pink as a 'blue fairy'.

Also we carved pumpkins... Mine is the one in the middle with the tall face.  I designed it and Mr. Brown did all the carving.  Rose Pink is behind hers- it has stars for eyes and eyebrows.  Nut Brown is behind his.  His was dropped and has a big crack in it, so he decided to make crying eyes for it.  Bobo picked out a tiny pumpkin that he could carry himself, and asked for a Batman face on it.  He totally loves that pumpkin.

Today we raked leaves and he said, It's the Batmobile, and put his pumpkin in the pile of leaves so Batman could drive the Batmobile.  He's so cute.

Friday, October 23, 2015

23 Oct 2015

 We are getting ready for Halloween (Rose Pink dressed up our concrete chicken)

 enjoying the fall weather - it's the best season in Michigan

and we managed to get in a visit to a cider mill for cider donuts and hot cider.  Yum.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

20 October 2015

We had our first hard freeze and my tomato and pepper plants died.  So I gathered up everything that wasn't quite ripe and brought inside:

Mr. Brown made a green chile sauce out of the peppers, and I laid out the tomatoes on newspaper to hopefully ripen.  Rose Pink used her multiplication skills to figure out how many I got off my single tomato plant:

Total: 161.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

13 October 2015

Mr. Brown made spaghetti for dinner the other night.  He said, "I put corn in the spaghetti sauce.  But not zucchini."  Rose Pink said, "Thank goodness your zucchini plant died, Mom."

Monday, October 5, 2015

5 October 2015

Tonight Bobo offered thanks over dinner and said, "Sank you God wif my famiwee.  I yuv dem so much."  It was very tender.  Nut Brown last night told me that he wasn't sure if God existed, but that he was waiting patiently to find out.  He said he thinks he can be patient enough to get an answer.