Sunday, April 24, 2016

24 April 2016

 We were cleaning out the basement and brought up some charcoal pencils we found down there.  The kids drew pictures of Mr. Brown.  Nut Brown's is above and Rose Pink's below.

Friday, April 22, 2016

22 April 2016

I went upstairs to lay down with Bobo for bed the other night and when I took off my glasses and put them on the shelf, he jumped up and said, let's switch sides, Mommy.  When I asked him why, he said, "So I can hand you your glasses in the morning."  He's so thoughtful.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

21 April 2016

Spiders everywhere!  Rose Pink really got into April Fool's Day this year and set up a variety of pranks for us.  She put eyes on some of the food containers in the fridge, which was really actually very cute.  She also put the stuffed rat into the cupboard on top of the plates, and I totally jumped when I opened it that morning.  She also drew spiders in black ink on various paper products (paper towels, toilet paper) so that they would suddenly appear.

The spiders were a hit, and she and Bobo ended up making more spiders and hiding them around the house, then going on a spider hunt together.  A couple days later I made up a bunch as well and hid them for the kids to find then next morning. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

19 April 2016

Kitty has started talking to us!  When she's in the mood, she tries to catch your eye and then will expound at great length regarding whatever she's currently concerned about.  It is so fun to talk back and forth with her.  She is such a mellow kid - when she fusses, it's because she needs something, and once you take care of it, she's good to just hang out - sit on your lap, watch the activity around her.  She is such a joy!

Here are the kids, watching the snow out the window on General Conference weekend at the beginning of April.  Oh yes.  We know it's spring because we think forty degrees is cold now, instead of thinking it's warm. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

11 April 2016

Kitty has her first cold, and can't breathe while laying down.  She slept just fine last night while being held but struggled for breath and woke up every time we laid her down in her crib.  It was a long night.  She ended up in her car seat for awhile.

This morning Bobo saw me walking around without pants on while I was making him a sandwich for breakfast, and he said, "I'm going downstairs, Mama.  I'll come when you call me."  Then his little voice comes up the basement stairs.  "Mama, which yaundry basket is yours?"  He was going to surprise me with my pants!  What a cutie.  He hates to be undressed, so I imagine that he was trying to assuage what he must have viewed as my distress at being pants-less.

This has really been such a cold spring.  It was freezing all week last week and it snowed four times.  You know it's spring though, because we're complaining about how cold forty degrees is.  If it were January, we'd be celebrating forty degrees.

Bobo has started learning to read.  He's clearly wanted to for awhile, and while I was on maternity leave we studied letter shapes and sounds.  We're so tired from new-baby-life at the moment that it stalled out when I went back to work, but I decided that if he's up before I leave in the morning, we'll have five minutes of reading.  That's really all a three year old should have anyway.  So we're reading Dick and Jane together.  He's so pleased when he learns new words and is so proud that he can read the stories to me.  I love watching him learn!