Wednesday, July 13, 2016

13 July 2016

Happy six months to Briar Rose!  She sits up on her own now, eats solid food, enjoys water play and does not yet roll over.  Sweet baby.

I had her in the Baby Bjorn the other day and Rose Pink said, "What's this weight upon my chest?  Oh, it's not guilt, it's a baby!"

We had a clothes-folding party in the basement the other day and Rose Pink came upon a pair of 3T pants that don't belong to anybody at the moment.  She put them on her head and said, "Look, Nut Brown, I'm a Twilek!" (star wars reference) and then said absent-mindedly, "I guess my head is size 3T."

My raspberries are on with a vengeance and we are picking most days after work.  Still not enough to make jam, mostly because we eat them before they get in the house.  Yum.  The zucchini is also producing like mad.  I'm pretty sure one zucchini plant is the right amount.

This is the summer that the kids are learning to swim - lessons at the Pleasant Ridge City Pool with some homeschool friends of ours.  The classes have just a couple kids each in them, and the children's progress was immediate and tremendous.  Bobo does underwater tricks now, and will float on his back and have a great time in the water.  Rose Pink and Nut Brown jumped up to level 5 and 4 respectively, and Nut Brown will probably move up to level 5 once he gets a little better at treading water.  They've learned specific strokes and treading water and diving in from the edge.  It has been so great to watch them progress, and I'm so glad that they're much more comfortable in the water.