Sunday, February 18, 2018

18 February 2018

I finally have a new bike!  Mine was stolen off the front porch on New Year's Eve (boo) and I have been riding Rose Pink's bike to work for awhile now.  REI had a garage sale where they were clearing out old inventory, and I bought a brand new Cannondale for half price.  It was still expensive, but it's a really nice bike, and I love riding it!

Also in Adrian's news, we have found a tree company who will dump free mulch in our yard.  They operate a yard just a couple blocks from us and came by and dumped the first load last Saturday.  I'm so excited about this!  Mr. Brown and I spent Friday moving it around the yard, and it's made such a big difference already.  It really feels like one of the roadblocks for moving out with our plans for the yard has come unstuck, and it was just at the right time too. 

The pecan trees that I ordered came in last month, and I planted them and have been watering them faithfully.  They are so small, the kids call them "Mama's twigs".  I'm super excited to be moving out on that as well... next up, sweet potatoes!  The mulch will help with those too.  It's going to be kind of the foundation of a food forest for us, beginning the enrichment of our sandy soil.  Mr. Brown is also pleased because the more mulch he spreads, the less he has to mow. :)

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